Credibility of the testimonies

We know that God works in people's lives in many ways, especially when people have a deep trust in God. Mostly, however, such experiences of faith are only shared in ones closest circle. On the one hand, it is difficult to put these often very personal experiences into words and to explain them to someone, and on the other hand, there is often the danger, especially in today's rational times, that one will be regarded as naïve or unworldly if one mentions the work of God in one's own life.

As a consequence, one only very rarely learns about the many ways in which God works and the often very surprising ways in which he acts in the lives of those people who have given him the appropriate central place in their lives. If in rare cases Gods intervention is reported, it is usually only a second or third hand retelling. It is often not clear what corresponds to the truth and what has been added as embellishment in the course of the various narratives. It is very difficult to verify such stories.

This website does not offer anonymous or anonymised "stories", but testimonies. The people who were able to experience God's action in their lives confirm the accuracy of their testimony with their name and photo. Those responsible for this portal have the right to check the credibility of the testimonies and their sources within the scope of their possibilities. If doubts about the accuracy of the events described cannot be completely eliminated, such reports will not be published.

In addition, essentially only such testimonies are published on this portal where the effects of God's action were not only recognisable for the persons concerned, but also in some way for other people.

The publication of the name and photo of witnesses is only refrained from in justified individual cases. This is the case, for example, if personal protection interests are given or if the publication makes other persons recognisable who have not given their consent to the publication.

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