What Christians believe

There are sad historical reasons why Christianity cannot walk its path of faith in unity and is divided into different denominations. Nevertheless, faith in the Triune God and the redemptive work of Jesus is the common bond for all Christians. Our common faith is like a wheel with God at its centre, where people from the different denominations, like the spokes of the wheel, all look to the centre of our lives, even if from different directions. God is our centre.

In the following short form, reduced to 30 points, the core of our Christian faith is described. In consideration of our brothers and sisters from other denominations, it should be disclosed that in this list, points 28 to 30 correspond only to the Catholic view. These are not congruent with the conviction of the other denominations.

 Also, it is generally accepted that the story of creation according to the narrative of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament contains, on the one hand, central revelatory statements of Christianity. On the other hand, God could only reveal such aspects about our creation and our universe to people around 3,000 years ago in ways that could be understood by them. Because of the lack of understanding of natural history at that time, the people of antiquity would not have been able to understand in the least a revelation about the development of creation as God had actually intended and created it. Therefore, for example, the story of the creation of the world in 6 days can only be understood symbolically.

If the results of modern natural sciences can be linked with the assumption that God gave us humans and the entire creation freedom out of his love, all contradictions that have existed so far between the findings of natural sciences, our human life experience of sin and suffering and the existence of the loving and merciful God can be reconciled without contradictions.

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