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Image: Barbara and Wolfgang Reichelt

Barbara and Wolfgang Reichelt

We, Barbara and Wolfgang Reichelt, are at home in the Catholic Church.  We have experienced God's work in our lives many times and often in amazing and touching ways. Likewise we are in contact with many people who have also experienced God's help in their lives in response to their trusting prayers.

God does not look at denomination, but at whether people seek him with an open heart. We know that time and again God has worked in incredible ways in the lives of Christians of all denominations.

This website is therefore open to people of all denominations to share their experiences of God’s action in their lives. Hopefully the sharing of these experiences will help others to perceive the reality of God and to open up to him and his loving presence.

My wife, who was as concerned about this website as I am, has passed away in the meantime and gone ahead to God, our Father. I would like to continue this website in her spirit.

                                                                                        Dr.Dr. Wolfgang Reichelt



For your information:

In addition to the testimonies about God's actions, this website also contains further texts concerning the basic truths of our Christian faith. In consideration of our brothers and sisters from other denominations, we would like to point out that some of the contents of these texts, concerning the Eucharist and the role of Mary as the motherly help of the Church, correspond to Catholic convictions and thus deviate from the convictions of the other Christian denominations. These texts have been examined by Catholic theologians.


A suggestion:

Perhaps you know people who need confirmation in their faith or who are seekers at all.  Perhaps you could share the website with them? It would be nice if these people would then get an idea that God exists and offers us his relationship.

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