God's work today

God is present and yet we do not perceive him. He offers us his love and closeness and yet we experience nothing of it because we do not let him work in our lives. We have not realised that God has given us freedom and only enters our lives when we ask Him to. This is why so many people do not experience him in their lives. God does not impose himself against our free will.

But if, out of our human freedom, we grant God the place that is due to him, he can and will enter our lives and offer us his accompaniment and help. We may also experience his work in our lives, even if it is not always in the form that we had imagined.

Most people, however, cannot imagine this. God seems to be only a human projection. If they then experience something of God's works, they simply consider them to be extraordinary coincidences. They cannot imagine that there is a loving power behind these "coincidences". As a result people are not aware of how they have been helped by such "coincidences". They are unaware of God’s providence, healing or help.

That is true. But it is also true that God does not intervene in our lives without being asked, but needs our consent because of our freedom. This is addressed in two ways on this website: Content-wise in the texts "What Christians believe" and "Our life with God" and testimonially with reports of how people have experienced God's help.

If such experiences of faith are only told now and then and shared with other people, such experiences can only ever be perceived as individual and rare products of chance. As a result, sceptical people cannot recognise the signs of God’s work in our world. But God does not just work sporadically; it is not God's fault that we experience so little of his work, it is our fault as human beings that we proclaim so little of it. It is hoped that by collecting such testimonies together, the assumption of individual "coincidental events" can no longer be sustained.

We know from mathematics and statistics how improbable it is that such unbelievable "chance events" can be repeated. Most people also know how small the probability of winning the lottery is. If credible testimonies are now given about a large number of such heavenly "lottery wins", this can at least be food for thought for people to consider God's involvement in such clustered "coincidences". These "coincidences" caused by God, especially when they occurred in connection with trusting prayer, completely elude any mathematical calculation of probability.

Let yourself be touched by the testimonies.

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