Give testimony yourself

If you have experienced God‘s intervention and work in your life, in a recognisable way, we would like to invite and ask you to share your experience with other people. And if you know people who have had experiences of God's action, we would like to ask you to invite them to make their experiences available to others.

Jesus has called us to bear witness to him and to his work. How can people find their way to faith in God if they never experience anything of the reality of God‘s presence and the fact that we humans are allowed to experience his work?

If we have been given a gift by God, we can keep this gift for ourselves. But we also have the opportunity to pass this gift on to each other with open hands and open hearts. Perhaps these experiences of faith can become a seed for other people from which a personal relationship with God can grow.


If you are willing to give a testimony, we ask you to consider the following:

  • You confirm that the testimony you describe is true and consistent with the description you have given. The description should be as factual and concrete as possible without embellishments. However, it is desirable that your life situation is described briefly so that the readers of the testimony can understand the context of what happened to your life and your particular situation.
  • We reserve the right to decide whether your testimony will be published. This means that we can refrain from publishing your testimony without giving reasons. This is possible if
    • the testimony you have provided is not credible or not very credible;
    • the facts described do not show any connection with God's action. This is the case, for example, if third parties can understand the event either as a quite common coincidence or as a causal chain that can be explained scientifically;
    • the fruits of this experience were obviously not capable of leading to a growth of peace, mercy, justice, reconciliation or salvation for people; such fruits are characteristic of the work of God.
    • the testimony has a very personal meaning for your own life and your particular situation, but it does not seem suitable or hardly suitable to serve as an indication of God's action for other people.

If you give a testimony, you agree to the following:

  • Your testimony will appear on this homepage under your name and a reference to its origin. This is done by indicating the city nearest to your home and your country of origin.
  • We require a photo of you in which you can be recognised without doubt.
  • Anonymous publication is possible in justified exceptional cases.

All other personal data about you is not accessible to readers of the website. It is pointed out that no data of yours will ever be passed on to other persons or institutions, or made available in a direct or indirect way.