Accept God as "boss"

Those who are lucky enough to have a great boss will usually enjoy doing their job and have little problem following their instructions. A good boss knows the strengths and weaknesses of all of his or her workers and will always use them in such a way that their existing talents can be developed in the best possible way. The worker will always have the opportunity to make decisions on their own within the framework set by the employer. If such decisions are in the employer's interest, he will always help the workers to implement these decisions. If there are problems, a good boss will not close his or her mind to the needs of the workers, but will stand by them in a caring manner.

What is true for good human bosses is incomparably true for God Almighty. But we perceive this far too seldom. God knows us with all of our strengths and weaknesses and he loves us. He has a plan not only for us as individuals, but for the community of people in which we find ourselves. He wants to lead us all to salvation. Unlike a human boss, he not only has an overview in a humanly managed area, as the Almighty he has a comprehensive overview of all our destinies and knows how they can be led together to salvation. But unlike a human boss, he does not simply impose his will, but subjects his divine work to our freedom.

So if we want to experience God in our lives, this will not be possible without a clear decision on our part. We must ask Jesus to take the lead in our lives. We must be willing to accept God unconditionally as the "boss" of our lives. There is no better "boss".

When we do this, God wants to and will make Himself known. Once you have experienced this, you will never want to take a step back.

"Jesus, I ask you, come into my life and help me to know you. Show me the path that leads to God, our Father, and help me to walk this path. I want to hand over my destiny to you, even if I am afraid of this step. Let me experience that you love me unconditionally and help me to trust this love of yours. Work in my life. Teach me to see my fellow human beings through your eyes. Thank you for redeeming me through your incarnation and through your cross. Amen."

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